Boyne Girls Tag V Dundalk Girls Tag (Saturday 17th of Jan in Dundalk)

Boyne girls tag team had there first game in Dundalk on Saturday. There was great excitement between both teams who had a draw match. The Boyne girls played extremely well considering they are not long at the game.There was some great trys by Suzie Keogh, Sarah and Eleanor,Marianne and Alex.Great support play from Alex,Michalea,Maebh and Eva, while some great breaks were made by Grainne, Ciara and sisters Orla and Aishling. At the end of the match both teams got a surprise visit from Catriona Bergin (Leinsters youth co-ordinater) who arrived down to watch the teams and present them with Leinster pencil cases and pink bibs for both teams. Dundalk then put on great refreshments for both teams. Training is on every Saturday at 10.30am in the Grammer School. New Players welcome Contact Vivienne 0863960574/Judith 0863361730/Joanne 0861519419 & Geraldine 0863809120

Boyne Ladies Team:
Alex, Sarah, Eva, Suzie Keogh, Clare, Amy Tiernan, Grainne, Marianne, Annie Newton, Emma Sweeney, Michalea, Aishling, Orla, Alex, Eleanor, Meabh Hickey and Ciara