Wet, Wild and Windy for Girls tag

Our first fixture of the 2012/2013 season took place in Shamrock Lodge in awful conditions, very cold weather and an almost constant rain. After a mid morning start in miserable conditions, the Boyne Girls braced themselves for a Tag blitz against the Ratoath and Suttonions Girls tag teams. There was great excitement despite the conditions and all teams played extremely well.
In the U14 Squad, we had a closely contested match. Boyne starting off with some excellent passing and attacking running and tries soon followed. Some slack defending allowed Suttonians into the game and in the end the match finished in a very fair 9-all draw. The U12 girls team showed great guts and determination in taking on a towering U12 Ratoath team. Both sides showed some great play, with a fast running game and great defending. Although the day was miserable, the performances from the girls brought great cheer from the supporters.
Well done Girls!
Boyne U14 girls:Soha Smyth, Tara Lynch, Susie Keogh, Sally Kirk, Niamh Tester, Neasa Early, Louise McCleery, Sydney Sterio, Jenny Guildea
Boyne U12 girls: Ciara, Penny, Fiona, Eva, Jessica, Katie, Isobel, Gwen and Kelly.