Mr. Jimmy Mulroy RIP

Wed, 13/02/2013 β€” Seamie Briscoe, Boyne RFC – Jimmy Mulroy -
It was indeed with great sadness and huge regret that we learned of the demise of our neighbour, fellow sportsman and friend, Jimmy Mulroy.
Jimmy Mulroy visited our club many times from his nearby home in Matson Lodge for meetings, social gatherings and at times, to advise us of matters that he deemed relevant to our development and well being.
There were times when he did not always concur with how we pursued matters we were involved with but, drew tremendous respect from us because of his honesty in expressing his forthright views which he relayed to us on matters of disagreement. We appreciated and admired his integrity.
We never bore a grudge and neither did Jimmy, he continued to help, encourage and offer his support at every opportunity.
Jimmy Mulroy was a supreme GAA footballer for his beloved Newtown Blues GFC, Louth and Leinster where he graced the game with such elegance and sportsmanship. He was also an accomplished manager and coach with a skilful and futuristic approach to the game that was loved by the players that he coached.
The greatest accolade that can be attributed to anybody, whether it's on the sports fields, political arena, business field, social circles or simply among friends is to be respected and admired by your peers. Jimmy Mulroy, throughout his illustrious and distinguished life, held that mantle in all spheres of his life with genuine distinction.
We offer our very sincere and profound sympathy to Christine and the Mulroy family in this truly inconsolable time in their lives.
"May the human qualities he possessed, that so enriched the life of others when he was with us, bring him to a place where peace and tranquillity reign and reward him in the hereafter"