U9 Blitz

“Athboy was the latest venue where we looked to destroy all parents washing machines with the volume of mud that we brought back.
Some of the kids seemed to enjoy it all the more and the muddier the better - The temptation to turn a hose on my own before he got into the car was great.
2 teams meant 2 games with numbers flexible so we didn't have people on the sideline getting cold and I don't think the pitch would have stood up to more anyway.
Honours ended up even but particular mention to Roneco who played without studs in circumstances where I could barely stand up.
There was some decent passing but still a little too much "going for the glory" but we did have someone on the shoulder sometimes which was good to see.
We get the chance to return the mud favour this Sunday so look forward to seeing as many as possible at home when we take on Skerries and Athboy”