Boyne Rugby Football Club Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy

This policy outlines the commitment of Boyne Rugby Football Club to social inclusions and non-discrimination for all members, players, volunteers and visitors to Boyne RFC.

Boyne Rugby Football Club is committed to operating in accordance and within the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000 which outlaws discrimination in employment, vocational training, advertising, collective agreements, the provision of goods and services and other opportunities to which the public generally have access to on the club grounds. These are Gender, Marital Status, Family Status, Age, Disability, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Belief and Membership of Traveller Community.

Discrimination is described in the Act as the treatment of a person in a less favourable way than another person, has been treated on the club grounds. The club is inclusive of all minority groups.

The club is committed as a matter of policy to ensuring that all members of the community are fully included in its activities. It is the policy of the club that no member will be discriminated on the grounds of race, religion, ethnicity or any other reason. Committee members, team managers and coaches are encouraged to support and influence participation by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.