Season Overview 2015/16

Dear Parents and Players,

                     The 2015 / 2016 season will be starting soon so we felt it would be useful to provide you with as much information as possible about the coming season. The correct age for a player is decided by the year of their birth, e.g. those born in 2003 are classed as Under-13, 2002 as Under-14... As always, for health & safety reasons it is club policy that you must play with your correct team and this will be enforced across all the Youth teams this season. It has also been decided at committee level that all players must be paid up members of the club if they wish to train and play with the club. If you have difficulty paying the club registration fees please talk to the Youth Coordinator about an exemption.

Times & Venues: Training will start during August (or the first week in September) for all age groups. This year we will have teams playing at U13, U14, U15, U17 and U18 levels. The final schedule for mid-week training for these groups has yet to be confirmed but the contact details for your coaches are listed below.

Volunteers: Any parents interested in coaching or assisting in any manner with the teams please get in contact with any of the team coaches or the Director of Youth Rugby, Peter Kerr (086-3784252), as we are always looking for new help. For those who do not want to coach but are willing to help there are many other aspects of the teams which the coaches struggle to manage in conjunction with the training and matches. Last year the parents committee were instrumental in making the year a great success and they are looking for additional people to help spread the load.

Registration & Membership: New players must be registered to play in official competitions and this requires two signed passport photos and a photocopy of their birth certificate in addition to an application form. All players are required to complete membership forms and pay their membership fee. When registering it is important to give a mobile number to enable SMS/Texting of training/match/event notices throughout the year. This enables the coaches to notify the whole team at short notice in the event of cancellations due to weather etc. The registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Essential Kit: Gumshield – It is essential that you have a properly fitting Gumshield to take part in a game or in training.

Age Requirements for 2015 / 2016 Season:

Date Of Birth Correct Age group / Team Coaches Contact Details
01/01/2003 to 31/12/2003 Under 13 Dave Maxwell (087-8310868)
01/01/2002 to 31/12/2002 Under 14 Sean Rochford (086-8500057)
01/01/2001 to 31/12/2001 Under 15 Peter Kerr (086-3784252)
01/01/2000 to 31/12/2000 Under 16 Marc Lynch (087-2338472)
01/01/1999 to 31/12/1999 Under 17 Alan O'Reilly (087-8294169)
01/01/1998 to 31/12/1998 Under 18 Terry Nolan (086-6009354)

Other Important Contacts:

Youth Coordinator Peter Kerr 086 3784252 Child Welfare Officer Edel Sayers 086 8271045