Tackling Skills - Part Two

Tackling Skills - Part One Part two of tackling skills increases the pace of players through the tackle area to approach a game-like tackle situation. The main drill used is as follows: Players operate in pairs. One member of each pair starts with the ball. The other is the tackler. Two parallel rows about 8m apart of around six cones spaced about 5m apart give a "ladder" effect with five individual squares to operate in. The pair enter the first square from oppiste sides, with the ball carrier attempting to get across to the opposite side of the quare. The tackler effects the front on tackle, gets up, collects the ball and exits to the next square on the side that the tackler came in from. The partner who was tackled now becomes the tackler and the process starts again in the next square, until all five (or more) squares have been completed. As the first square has been vacated the next pair start. I will attempt to get graphics for these activities in place soon. One activity you may try in order to prove to players that size doesn't necessarily rule the tackle is that players simply approached the tackle area and lift their partner off their feet for a few seconds. Note: SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT DURING THIS ACTIVITY. Players get from this a couple of things:

  1. The confidence that they can lift a player and control the tackle.
  2. The experience of the small flash of fear that you get when you are not controlling the tackle as a ball carrier
  3. From a safety aspect as much as anything else you can also use this excercise to emphasise to players the importance of good body position when entering the tackle, either with or without the ball! It goes without saying that these drills and others to be continued in the training environment, to ensure that the techniques become second nature and players can trust in theri ability to defend safely and successfully.