Under 9s

News & Match Reports for the Under 9's

Under 9's Season Overview 2016/17

Dear Parents,

        Welcome to the under 9's team for the 2016/17 season.  To be eligible to play on this team players must be born in 2008.  We usually train every Saturday morning in the Drogheda Grammar School in Mornington from 10:15am to 11:30am.  There will be a series of matches and blitzes played throughout the season against other clubs in the North East region.  Please Note that All rugby at this age is non-competitive, and the emphasis is on learning the skills required to play, having fun and inclusiveness.

The Under-9 Coaches can be reached by email at U9.Coach@BoyneRFC.ie

Please Note the Following Requirements for players:

  • Please make sure your child always has their gum shield,  they cannot participate in contact drills without a gum shield.
  • The IRFU recommend that you do not use blade style boots due to increased injury risk to other players.
  • Raleri Sports Goggles are currently the only approved sports goggle.  You will not be allowed to play if you are wearing any other goggle.
  • Please arrive on-time for training and match days, as the player warm up is key to prevent injuries.
  • Remember for training & matches, gum shield, a drink (preferable water, avoid sports drinks) and plan for the changeable weather.
  • Parents / Guardians must remain by the pitch at all times during training and match day
  • Please text back player if a player is unavailable.
  • To be eligible for selection for match days and training after October 1st the player must have paid their membership fee. Registration will take place on September 10th or you can pay the membership fees online.
  • Important team information is sent by SMS/Text. To be included on this list please speak to a coach or send an email to U9.Coach@BoyneRFC.ie
  • No dogs are allowed at any of our pitches or training grounds.

U-9's Fixtures 2016/2017.

Date Details Venue Time Comments
Sat 01st Oct Training Grammar School 10:15-11:45

We are in the same spot as last season, adjacent to the car park.  Remember gum shield!.

Sat 08th Oct No Training n/a n/a No training.
Sat 15th Oct Training Grammar School 10:15-11:30 Remember gum shield!
Sat 22nd Oct Training Grammar School 10:15-11:30 Remember gum shield! No gum shield no training!
Sat 29th Oct No Training n/a n/a No Training - Bank Holiday
Sat 05th Nov Training Grammar School 10:15-11:30 Remember gum shield! No gum shield no training!


Under 9s

Our last 2 events of the season were held over the last couple of weekends, with the Battle of Clontarf and the Navan Rugby festival.
Nice to get a bit of rugby played after all the bad weather of the previous months and play on Clontarf's all-weather pitch – how the other half live!
Teams were facing pretty esteemed company over these events from Clontarf, St Mary's, Blackrock, to mention a few as well as a more local neighbours, Navan and Balbriggan.


A beautiful day and 3 teams at home against a strong and physically big Ashbourne team.
Lending them a couple of players each half for each game and rotating our subs probably didn't help us because of the disruption to formations etc.
I think our players scored as many tries when playing for them as those players did playing for us but at least that proves we were being totally impartial in lending out!


"Our last outing at end February brought some sunshine and brought out the numbers as the Blitz with Skerries and Athboy went up from 5 to 8 teams as people arrived. Some quick relaying of cones  increased the number of pitches and once the strays were rounded up as we were playing in Bryanstown, we were off. The split of the teams when we moved from 2 to 3 teams meant that our teams were probably not totally equal and that reflected in the numbers where overall over the 3 teams we won more games than we lost but my team leaked a few tries.

U9 Blitz

“Athboy was the latest venue where we looked to destroy all parents washing machines with the volume of mud that we brought back.
Some of the kids seemed to enjoy it all the more and the muddier the better - The temptation to turn a hose on my own before he got into the car was great.
2 teams meant 2 games with numbers flexible so we didn't have people on the sideline getting cold and I don't think the pitch would have stood up to more anyway.

Under 9's Blitz (Balbriggan - 17/10/2015)

Our 1st Blitz of the season found us at Balbriggan with 3 teams of 9 each playing 3 games.


This was our 1st Blitz with the uncontested lineouts and scrums and as much as possible I tried to ensure it was different people in every scrum and lineout as it is only by giving everybody the practice they will get used to it.


U9's Blitz in Navan 19th Oct

For the second week in a row, our young U9’s put in tremendous performances, showing off all their hard work each week at training and putting huge smiles on the faces of both their parents and coaches.  The improvement, even in the short space of a week, when we hosted Skerries in the Lodge, was huge this week when we took on hosting side Navan and Skerries.  A comment from one of the Navan coaches afterwards in the clubhouse was that our young lads have greatly improved and whatever work has been put in so far is definitely paying off. 

Boyne V's Navan U9's March 2014

What a great day, our players volunteering to play for the opposition always makes all the coaches proud, shows they are all there comitted to playing rugby...
 Taking what we did at training into the match day worked well,  with my team the full focus was on tackling, they did really well coming very close in the second game, there were some flickers of brilliant play with  passes going out to the wing and several tries run in. Well, done to all the players in my team, looking forward to saturday and trying to fine tune that tackle so we can make it every time.

U9 Blitz Sun 15th Dec @ Balbriggan

A huge turnout from the U9 squad with 40 kids and all available coaches making the early trip to Balbriggan for the 10am Kick Off. It was nice and fresh and it did not take long for all to wake up and get stuck into the morning's rugby. All the coaches were very happy with the three teams that played and subs were swapped in and out so nobody developed frost bite on the bench! I do have to mention John's team who never played together before and met with some strong opposition.